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Over the past ten years Rolls-Royce has invested £8.4Bn in research and development. In 2013 we invested £1,118m in R&D. Globally the company employs over 17,600 engineers, almost 32 per cent of the total workforce.

Investment in Research and Technology has grown in the past decade, with two-thirds aimed at improving the environmental performance of our products. We are also investing in low-carbon technologies, including nuclear energy.

The Group has a growing portfolio of products and an increasingly comprehensive range of services.

As an original equipment manufacturer Rolls-Royce is uniquely positioned to develop services for customers that add value to their business, through the efficient management of their Rolls-Royce assets. We invest in technologies that help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our development programmes, as well as technologies that we intend to take to market. It is important to achieve the right mix of innovation, investment and risk taking.

To acquire technology, we operate a centralised Research & Technology (R&T) operation. The majority of Rolls-Royce R&T is conducted in a global network of funded University Technology Centres, as opposed to wholly-owned research centres. Nineteen of the 29 centres are in the UK. The others are in the US, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Germany and Korea. In addition a new network of Advanced Manufacturing Research Centres is helping to develop more capable products while providing the understanding on how to reduce the time and cost involved to make them.

As a global Group, Rolls-Royce conducts research and technology programmes on behalf of governments, state and regional bodies around the world.

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