Gas turbine technology

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Gas turbines convert the energy from burning fuel into useable work via three main elements – a compressor, combustor and turbine.

Work output increases with:

  • Higher pressure ratio generated in the compressor
  • Higher combustor exit temperature, restricted by the high temperature capability combustor and turbine components
  • More efficient secondary systems (cooling, sealing)

As gas turbines operate in a continuous thermodynamic cycle, they have a higher power density than internal combustion engines.

A gas turbine can accelerate air to create thrust (aero engines) or drive generators to make electricity, or turn pumps and ship propellers (industrial / marine gas turbines).

The Group aims to continually improve the efficiency of our products and the key components that they embody. We seek to increase component efficiencies and at the same time, reduce weight and cost in order to achieve the optimum technical solution.

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