Our brand

Trusted to deliver excellence

Rolls-Royce is one of the most famous brands in the world. It is also one of our most valuable assets. It opens doors; attracts talented people; reassures customers and gives us the credibility to move into new markets.

Our reputation has been built on our engineering credentials. Today, it is also about the way we behave, the services we provide and how we deliver on our promises.

We have a strong culture that is benefiting from new people joining us all over the world. As we grow, it’s important to recognise what unifies us culturally and what differentiates us from our competition; in essence, brand.

Trusted to deliver excellence is our brand promise and represents the values we have as a business. Everyone at Rolls-Royce must be trusted to deliver excellence, to take confidence from our brand promise, be inspired by it and, always strive to achieve it.

Trust: can only be earned by the way we behave with customers, shareholders, partners and colleagues
Deliver: we develop long-term relationships with customers and we must deliver consistently on their behalf
Excellence: a standard, our way of life, few companies can aim higher.

Our values, vision and strategy

Values - trusted to deliver excellence

Who we are and how we behave matter to our people and the many external groups that have an interest in our business. We have a proud heritage, one of the world’s most powerful brands and a responsibility to hand on to the future generations a business that is strong and successful. Everyone at Rolls-Royce must be trusted to deliver excellence, this is a statement of values everyone can understand, take confidence from, be inspired by and always strive to achieve.

Vision - better power for a changing world

We are committed to innovation and continuous pursuit of improvement. At the forefront of science and technology, and with a deep customer insight, we believe we are in a strong position to meet the demands of, and create opportunities in, our fast-changing world.

Strategy - understanding our customers, innovation, profitable growth

Our ambition is to be world class and competition-beating in our relationships with our customers, and in the delivery of world-class technologies and services. To achieve this, we apply lean and cost effective processes, simple and effective operations, and a strong commitment always to operate to high ethical standards.